Invision follows corporate principles that guide our work, relationships and overall philosophy: As we serve our clients' needs, we serve each other's growth.

Committed: Invision will be a practice where professionals work with and for each other as team members in our commitment to one another’s growth and the development of the people and organizations we help and serve.

Integrity: Invision will guide any decision, development, and/or relationship with the client and public by integrity. Honesty, truth, and fairness will be guidelines in all dealings with people.

Care: Invision will be caring to its staff, its clients, and its competitors. All undertakings will be to the benefit of all parties involved.

Enjoyable: Invision will be an enjoyable organization in which to work. If a project or undertaking is not fun for the staff to take on or produce, it will be re-evaluated or canceled.

Professional: Invision will be professional in its dealings with its clients, staff, and competition.

Growth: Invision will be an organization that will continue to look for ways to expand and grow in new services, marketing, and development.

Openness: Invision will be an open organization. It will welcome new ideas, new suggestions for improvement, and criticism.

Justice: Invision will deal with people justly. This will be most evident in staff and also client relations.

Excellence: Invision will strive for excellence in the products and services it offers. Mediocrity will not be the norm.

Casual: Invision will remain easy-going. It will not grow stale or stuffy in the pursuit of its goals.