Occupational Therapy

Invision now offers Occupational  Therapy services to NC school systems

Changing the quality of a life is a great responsibility and we help our clients achieve their full potential. For more than 20 years, Invision has helped thousands of visually impaired people become active and engaged contributors in their communities. While each case is unique, the collective  experience of Invision’s services team is invaluable in assessing the needs of our students and adult clients.

Occupational Therapy is designed to enhance a student’s ability to fully access and succeed in the school environment.

Occupational therapists address sensory processing, social skills, written expression, participation in self help skills, prevocational as well as  vocational activities and more. The goal is for students to build upon their strengths and skills while at the same time deal constructively with their challenges and needs.

Services provided

  • Assistive technology integration and training including: tablet and computer access;  software and applications for math, reading, writing, and accessing school curriculum.
  • Handwriting remediation and accommodations
  • Fine motor skills
  • Organization of personal belongings, desk/locker, and school work
  • Modification of classroom
  • Adapting learning materials to allow for participation
  • Sensory processing
  • Provide strategies to facilitate full participation
  • Reduce barriers that limit participation
  • Self feeding and activities of daily living or life skills
  • Data collection and use of research based strategies School services
  • Improve performance of student to meet educational and personal goals
  • Consultation with school staff for follow through with interventions and strategies
  • Development of IEP with staff and family
  • Communication with community based therapists and agencies
  • Screenings and assessments
  • Group and whole class services
  • Working one on one with students in the school setting

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