Certified Braillist

Invision’s Certified Braillists provide Braille transcription services for visually impaired students working with Teachers of the Visually impaired and classroom teachers.

Material production by the Braillist includes transcribing print documents: worksheets, textbooks, quizzes, tests, workbooks, and maps for all subject areas into Braille using current computer technology.

Invision’s Braillist:

  • Assist Teachers of the Visually Impaired by providing the time- consuming material production of school-related materials needed by the VI student so the Teacher of the Visually Impaired can devote more time to instruction, lesson planning & implementation, and record keeping.
  • Work directly with the classroom teacher communicating via e-mail and telephone to coordinate student assignment needs.
  • Use specialized Braille software and produce brailled materials quickly and efficiently.
  • Excel at producing the highest quality brailled work and work to meet classroom deadlines.
  • Use overnight mailing services for quick turn-around time.
  • Stay current with the latest changes and revisions of the Braille code rules and regulations.
  • Produce math using the Nemeth Code for Mathematics for grades K-12, including high-level math courses such as Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Trigonometry.
  • Develop tactile graphic diagrams that allow students to read and understand complex concepts presented in the classroom.
  • Braille band and chorus music to provide access to musical notation for students familiar with braille music code.
  • Meet foreign language requirements for VI students by producing braille materials for the students’ work in a multitude of different languages.

Material Production by Invision’s braillists allows visually impaired students access to the same materials as their sighted peers within the mainstream classroom setting.